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The education system in United States is quite different from the one offered in our country. There is no federal or central education system in USA . Degree-granting institutions in the United States can be called as universities, colleges, schools or institutes. As a general rule, colleges tend to be smaller and usually offer only undergraduate degrees, while a university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. An institute usually specializes in degree programs in a group of closely related subject areas, so you will also come across degree programs offered at institutes of technology, institutes of fashion, institutes of art and design, and so on. Within each college or university one will find schools, such as the school of arts and sciences or the school of business. Each school is responsible for the degree programs offered by the college or university in that area of study. The educational institutions in USA can be state funded of privately funded.

State universities: are founded and subsidized by U.S. state governments (for example, California , Michigan , or Texas ) to provide low-cost education to residents of that state. They may also be called public universities to distinguish them from private institutions. State universities tend to be very large, with enrollments of 20,000 or more students, and generally admit a wider range of students than private universities

Private institutions are funded by a combination of endowments, tuition fees, research grants, and gifts from their alumni. Tuition fees tend to be higher at private universities than at state universities, but there is no distinction made between state and non-state residents and the number of enrolments tends to be lower than those in state universities.

These universities and institutions collectively offer undergraduate, graduate and research programmes in addition to associate degrees, diplomas and certificate programmes.

The bachelor's degree typically takes four years to complete. The associate degree usually takes two years to complete. Associate degree programs may be "terminal" programs, which lead into specific careers upon graduation, or "transfer" programs, which correspond to the first two years of a bachelor's degree and tend to be more liberal arts based. Associate degree programs are offered at two-year colleges known as junior or community colleges. Four-year colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree programs, with a small number also offering associate degree programs.

One of the most attractive features of the bachelor's degree program in the United States is that it is highly flexible. You can usually choose from a wide variety of courses and create your own unique program of study. The degree is awarded after you complete a specified number of credits, which are usually completed in four years of full-time study. The first year is called the freshman year; the second is called sophomore; the third, junior; and the fourth, senior. International students, however, cannot study part-time and must maintain full-time status. Courses taken in the first two years are known as lower division courses, and courses taken in the final two years are called upper division courses.

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